Choose Your Own Donation

So, I got a call last night from the University Alumni Center, where some college student had the task of shaking me down to give money to support the school.

Although I believe in education, I am currently giving to enough charities right now. And I told him that, listing the charities. He continued with his schpiel which seemed a lot like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book. "If the caller says X, turn to page 24. If he says Y, go to the next page."
The thing about "Choose Your Own Adventure" books is that most of the paths wil kill you ;)

He did say something interesting though. "It isn't about the financial amount you can give, but that you are participating in helping your school."
Which gave me a rather odd, yet helpful idea.

"I am sorry, but I am just not up for giving financial support right now. But I could volunteer and give my time to help out the school instead. Is there anything I can do to help the college that way?"

"Er, um. That is a really a good idea, actually. I-I have never had someone offer that before... Let me go to talk to my team leader."

Yeah, I picked a choice that wasn't in the book ;p

He came back and told me how there might be some volunteer opportunites but he didn't have anything he could give me for that. He then tried to get back to this script and when he mentioned "participation" again. I told him I had already offered to participate by giving my time.
Sticking to my guns like that might have been a bit dickish of me, but he wasn't ready to take my 'no, thank you' yet, so I pressed on.

Then something intersting happened. What he said next was surprising and a bit amusing.
"You are right and that is a very meaningful way to do it. But with the way society works monetary contributions are apparently worth more than that. I don't think that is right personally. It would be nice if we could accept your offer and had more like that. I have never had someone be so frank and honest with me before. Thank you for your time."

It was interesting, how he handled the curve balls I threw at him. He also got a bit noble sounding like an idealistic college student in that last bit too, which I thought was kinda cool.

So, it was an intersting conversation. Which is what I go for usually ;)

Black Memories

Growing up I had a lot of themed birthday parties.
Imagine that ;)

I always got to choose the colors and plates for the theme as well.

On my tenth birthday, I chose some black plates with colorful confetti on them and then matching black napkins, cups, streamers, and balloons.

Yes, I had an all black birthday party for my tenth birthday.
My mom says it was my way of mourning turning double digits, hahah!
Knowing me back then, she is probably right!

I love my mom's sense of humor, she wished me a happy 3 x 10 and gave me little black plates this year :)
Monster Bisque

To boldly go where no soup has gone before

One of my favorite sites lately is My Food Looks Funny.
It often has all kinds of cool, funny, and crazy dishes and scenes made out of food.
A good place for inspiration too ;)

Well, they were having a contest to see who can make the best Star Trek themed dish :)
The winner of the Star Trek Food Contest wins an Enterprise Pizza Cutter!

I couldn't resist a fun themed cooking contest.
So here is my entry.

Plomeek Soup, traditionaly prepared as on Vulcan, with Romulan Ale.

I had a lot of fun making it and it tasted good too :)

Of Pirates and Roller Skates

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a murdery mystery at my pastor's home.
It was pirate themed and I was asked to play the part of Captain Black Jack McCracken.
It was fun, everyone was in costume and played their character's well.
Needless to say I wouldn't make a good pirate.
Everyone had cards which contained their their secrets and actions and some people kept dropping theirs. If the pastor found them she took them out of the game. I saw a guy drop his card near me so I picked it up and gave it to him before the pastor could swoop in and take it. As I handed it to him I heard the pastor say "Hey! What are you doing? You are a pirate! You are supposed to steal that from him, not give it back!"
Heh, it was the first time I have been encouraged by a pastor to steal.

The mystery had a lot of intersting characters and plot twists, but there weren't many clues to the killer or the cause. There was also hidden treasure in the house, but none of the clues hinted where it was. So it was challenging and felt a lot more like social networking since you wanted people on your side for the end game where they voted who got whose ship. There were 4 captains and 2 ships, so there was some competition. I didn't figure out the mystery or find the gold. But I did keep my ship ;) The nice friendly pirate wins passage off the island :)

The next day I had another balloon twisting gig.
It was quite the wild ride.
It was at the Roller Rink for a 13 year old girl's birthday party.
She had at least 15 guests. I heard there could have been 30.
The birthday girl was less than thrilled to have a twister at her party, but her friends loved it. They enjoyed all their balloons.

I was told to twist for anyone who asked for a balloon that day. What we didn't know was that there was 5 birthday parties that day, which I was told later was rare.
So I got mobbed! hahah.
I ended up twisting for 2 hours and had a great time doing it. All the kids really liked the balloons :)

I only had one problem and it was that my pump broke 10 minutes into twisting and I had to get glue and let it dry before I could twist again.
Fortunately the dad of the birthday girl ran out and bought me a back up pump to use while my pump dried. It was a life saver. He also told me to keep it, which was so nice :)

I had no idea how much I twisted until the end when I looked up and saw balloons everywhere.
I think I twisted for at least 3 or 4 parties, hahah.
Although I had sore fingers, I had a blast and so did all the kids. They loved their balloons. It was a good time :)
Mad Hatter

Lesser Known Tales of Sinbad

As she came to on the beach coughing up seawater, Sinbad wondered how how she got into this mess. After drinking from a spring he found himself looking more like a warrior princess instead of a rugged manly sailor. Then she was driven insane from the gaze of some monstrosity from the ocean's deep in a storm. It was all hazy and dream like after that. Involving visiting merfolk and trying to get them to wage wars amongst themselves, which triggered some kind of relgious epiphany within her. It was too strange to be real. But if it wasn't real, then how did she get all these pearls in her pockets?
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Mad Hatter

Dining with Harvey

A couple weeks ago I was meeting my Dad and sister for dinner at family restraunt.
I beat them there and got a table. The hostess set the table for 3 and set down a menu in each spot.
A short while later the waiter came up. He was very energetic and was bantering it up at the other tables before mine.
He looked at the table and smiling said, "Good evening. Are you dining with your imaginary friends this evening? Or have the other guests not arrived yet?"
Before I could answer he said. "Just so you know, we here do welcome imaginary friends at this establishment."
I could help but chuckle and say that I was waiting for other guests to arrive.
It was fairly amusing. And I will have to keep this restraunt in mind the next my pooka friends visit :)
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