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Choose Your Own Donation [08 Feb 2011|07:17am]
So, I got a call last night from the University Alumni Center, where some college student had the task of shaking me down to give money to support the school.

Although I believe in education, I am currently giving to enough charities right now. And I told him that, listing the charities. He continued with his schpiel which seemed a lot like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book. "If the caller says X, turn to page 24. If he says Y, go to the next page."
The thing about "Choose Your Own Adventure" books is that most of the paths wil kill you ;)

He did say something interesting though. "It isn't about the financial amount you can give, but that you are participating in helping your school."
Which gave me a rather odd, yet helpful idea.

"I am sorry, but I am just not up for giving financial support right now. But I could volunteer and give my time to help out the school instead. Is there anything I can do to help the college that way?"

"Er, um. That is a really a good idea, actually. I-I have never had someone offer that before... Let me go to talk to my team leader."

Yeah, I picked a choice that wasn't in the book ;p

He came back and told me how there might be some volunteer opportunites but he didn't have anything he could give me for that. He then tried to get back to this script and when he mentioned "participation" again. I told him I had already offered to participate by giving my time.
Sticking to my guns like that might have been a bit dickish of me, but he wasn't ready to take my 'no, thank you' yet, so I pressed on.

Then something intersting happened. What he said next was surprising and a bit amusing.
"You are right and that is a very meaningful way to do it. But with the way society works monetary contributions are apparently worth more than that. I don't think that is right personally. It would be nice if we could accept your offer and had more like that. I have never had someone be so frank and honest with me before. Thank you for your time."

It was interesting, how he handled the curve balls I threw at him. He also got a bit noble sounding like an idealistic college student in that last bit too, which I thought was kinda cool.

So, it was an intersting conversation. Which is what I go for usually ;)
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Black Memories [19 Jan 2011|12:27pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Growing up I had a lot of themed birthday parties.
Imagine that ;)

I always got to choose the colors and plates for the theme as well.

On my tenth birthday, I chose some black plates with colorful confetti on them and then matching black napkins, cups, streamers, and balloons.

Yes, I had an all black birthday party for my tenth birthday.
My mom says it was my way of mourning turning double digits, hahah!
Knowing me back then, she is probably right!

I love my mom's sense of humor, she wished me a happy 3 x 10 and gave me little black plates this year :)

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Happy Edgar Alan Poe's Birthday! [19 Jan 2011|12:21pm]
Happy Birthday Mr. Poe.
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Star Trek Food Contest - Results [21 Dec 2010|11:43am]
Well the results for My Food Looks Funny's Star Trek Food Contest has finished and the winner is Jaimie with her Triple Chocolate Truffle Tribbles.

It turned out pretty cool and is pretty funny :)

It was a fun contest, I hope they post more entries so we can see them.
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To boldly go where no soup has gone before [20 Dec 2010|12:56pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

One of my favorite sites lately is My Food Looks Funny.
It often has all kinds of cool, funny, and crazy dishes and scenes made out of food.
A good place for inspiration too ;)

Well, they were having a contest to see who can make the best Star Trek themed dish :)
The winner of the Star Trek Food Contest wins an Enterprise Pizza Cutter!

I couldn't resist a fun themed cooking contest.
So here is my entry.

Plomeek Soup, traditionaly prepared as on Vulcan, with Romulan Ale.

I had a lot of fun making it and it tasted good too :)

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Of Pirates and Roller Skates [20 Dec 2010|12:27pm]
[ mood | happy ]

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a murdery mystery at my pastor's home.
It was pirate themed and I was asked to play the part of Captain Black Jack McCracken.
It was fun, everyone was in costume and played their character's well.
Needless to say I wouldn't make a good pirate.
Everyone had cards which contained their their secrets and actions and some people kept dropping theirs. If the pastor found them she took them out of the game. I saw a guy drop his card near me so I picked it up and gave it to him before the pastor could swoop in and take it. As I handed it to him I heard the pastor say "Hey! What are you doing? You are a pirate! You are supposed to steal that from him, not give it back!"
Heh, it was the first time I have been encouraged by a pastor to steal.

The mystery had a lot of intersting characters and plot twists, but there weren't many clues to the killer or the cause. There was also hidden treasure in the house, but none of the clues hinted where it was. So it was challenging and felt a lot more like social networking since you wanted people on your side for the end game where they voted who got whose ship. There were 4 captains and 2 ships, so there was some competition. I didn't figure out the mystery or find the gold. But I did keep my ship ;) The nice friendly pirate wins passage off the island :)

The next day I had another balloon twisting gig.
It was quite the wild ride.
It was at the Roller Rink for a 13 year old girl's birthday party.
She had at least 15 guests. I heard there could have been 30.
The birthday girl was less than thrilled to have a twister at her party, but her friends loved it. They enjoyed all their balloons.

I was told to twist for anyone who asked for a balloon that day. What we didn't know was that there was 5 birthday parties that day, which I was told later was rare.
So I got mobbed! hahah.
I ended up twisting for 2 hours and had a great time doing it. All the kids really liked the balloons :)

I only had one problem and it was that my pump broke 10 minutes into twisting and I had to get glue and let it dry before I could twist again.
Fortunately the dad of the birthday girl ran out and bought me a back up pump to use while my pump dried. It was a life saver. He also told me to keep it, which was so nice :)

I had no idea how much I twisted until the end when I looked up and saw balloons everywhere.
I think I twisted for at least 3 or 4 parties, hahah.
Although I had sore fingers, I had a blast and so did all the kids. They loved their balloons. It was a good time :)

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Lesser Known Tales of Sinbad [08 Nov 2010|10:20am]
[ mood | amused ]

As she came to on the beach coughing up seawater, Sinbad wondered how how she got into this mess. After drinking from a spring he found himself looking more like a warrior princess instead of a rugged manly sailor. Then she was driven insane from the gaze of some monstrosity from the ocean's deep in a storm. It was all hazy and dream like after that. Involving visiting merfolk and trying to get them to wage wars amongst themselves, which triggered some kind of relgious epiphany within her. It was too strange to be real. But if it wasn't real, then how did she get all these pearls in her pockets?

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New Vintage Posters [05 Nov 2010|05:52pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

One of the webcomics I read, http://mysticrev.com/ pointed me to the artwork of Steve Thomas.

He likes making vintage posters on different themes and he has some great ones. They have such a classic retro look. And have great little details with the text with the nice artwork. They are a lot of fun.

Mars Rivendell

The Star Wars posters are great too.

Star Destroyer

I will have to check out his stuff more often :)

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[31 Oct 2010|10:49pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Happy Halloween all you goblins and ghouls!
Halloween 2010

Tricks and TreatsCollapse )

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Dining with Harvey [17 Oct 2010|05:09pm]
[ mood | amused ]

A couple weeks ago I was meeting my Dad and sister for dinner at family restraunt.
I beat them there and got a table. The hostess set the table for 3 and set down a menu in each spot.
A short while later the waiter came up. He was very energetic and was bantering it up at the other tables before mine.
He looked at the table and smiling said, "Good evening. Are you dining with your imaginary friends this evening? Or have the other guests not arrived yet?"
Before I could answer he said. "Just so you know, we here do welcome imaginary friends at this establishment."
I could help but chuckle and say that I was waiting for other guests to arrive.
It was fairly amusing. And I will have to keep this restraunt in mind the next my pooka friends visit :)

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Halloween Mall of America Trip [06 Sep 2010|05:55pm]
[ mood | excited ]

The days are getting shorter,
Dark clouds gather,
A cool breeze blows a chill up your spine.

It can only mean one thing.
Halloween is coming!

As my annual kick off for Halloween, I am planning a trip to Mall of America to look, shop, hangout, and see if I can find any Halloween goodies.

You are invited to come along, I am thinking of going Saturday 9/18, but can push it back a week if people are inclined.
This is a one day trip. Blowing through CR around 8am having lunch along the way, having dinner at the mall and then heading back.
There will also be a stop at the Russle Stover Outlet for Halloween candy ;)
We will probably be gettting back at late o'clock.

Let me know if you are interested :)

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Growing Green or Poision Ivy Comes a Creeping [21 Jul 2010|12:22pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Yesterday, I head on the radio Poison Ivy Growing Faster, More Virulent.
Yes, it is it true some plants thrive more with C02 rich atmospheres, one of them is poison ivy. So they grow bigger stronger and vine more. And for poison ivy even the toxicity in its oil is getting stronger. I am awaiting for the horror flick on it next summer.

While I am sure a certain villianess is loving that her favorite plant is growing out of control, it got me to thinking.
Perhaps growing more plants who love green house gasses could help us eliminate all the extra C02 in our atmosphere.

So, I propose this solution. Develop a CO2 thriving vining plant that loves sunlight and growing on cement buildings. In my mind I invision something like a cross between Banyan trees and normal ivy. This plant would grow like crazy in our cities which have lots of green house gas production and it would green up and beautify the city, growing across all the buildins. Naturally bringing a practical forest into our cities.

I mean sure, there will be a few downsides, there always is.
Yes, the plants could grow a little out of control and it could potentially destroy a building or two and might clog up intersections, but I am sure it would happen rarely.
Or... it might create, Origin: Spirits of the Past

But I am sure it would be worth such a risk.

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The Fun Theory [28 May 2010|08:20pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I randomly saw this clip recommended to me on YouTube
Apparently YouTube, knows me too well ;)

This is an application of "The Fun Theory".
The Fun Theory: The easiest way to change people's behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do.

The Fun Theory was an idea and a contest by Volkswagon to come up with fun ideas to encourage people to do things that would make things better for them. Basically people could come up with ideas like this and they could win a prize and the company would make their idea real. It is all over now, but it is kind of a fun/different idea. If you want to see some delightfully crazy ideas and the winners go to the website.

Here are two other examples they made which are pretty neat:

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Buenos Dias and Pasta Luego [05 May 2010|09:52am]
[ mood | happy ]

I was reminded this morning how much I like to cook early in the morning.
I made a pasta salad for this evening before going to work and it came together really well.

I dunno why I like cooking with the sunrise.
Maybe the smell of fresh chopped vegetables helps wake me up.
Or the sense of accomplishment I get from making something before my day really starts.

It also kind of reminds me of waking up early at my grandma's house when I was little.
While everyone else slept, I would find her in the kitchen making potato salad for lunch.
She would pull out something for me to stand on and I would help her mix in the ingrediants and squeeze in the mustard. It was always a lot of fun.

I used my Bloody Evidence Chef's Knife (thanks again, mandydax!) to chop up the tomato, lettuce, and green onion. Man, does that thing slice well. No wonder it could be considered as a murder weapon...

It is crazy sharp!
Heck, I knicked myself a little once just trying to clean the blade off a little *smirks*
But I love a good sharp knife as long as you and your company are careful ;)

Unless you are using a Vampiric Knife.
Then you can't put it away unless it gets a little blood, but that is what you get from using darkly enchanted blades. So it is understandable.

But, anywho. It was fun cooking up a storm.
Until next time, happing cooking :)

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Sushi, Painting, Pumpkins, Pasta, and The Truth [25 Apr 2010|06:18pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

I went up to the City of Five Seasons yesterday and hung out with lockwoodmgm and lipsbleedlies.
We had lunch with raldage and his friend at Chinese Buffet, which also had Sushi, and then visited Battlezone Games.

lockwoodmgm showed me how to paint miniatures. It was a lot of fun. I painted a couple zombies.
I also got 3 pumpkin snowman monsters, so I painted one of those too.
I was pretty happy with how it turned out :)
Pumpkin Monster - Pitchfork 1

Pumpkin Monster - Pitchfork 2

Afterwards, I watched some X-File episodes with them while eating some cheesy tortellini pasta salad I made.
I have only caught a handful of the X-files, but is an amusing and curious show. I liked it.
Although I do find it amusing on how obsessed Mulder gets over revealing the Truth. *chuckles*

It was a fun relaxing day.

Thanks again lockwoodmgm and lipsbleedlies :)

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Time Dilation [25 Apr 2010|04:52pm]
[ mood | tired ]

It must have been a long day on Friday at work.
I had trouble remembering what year it was.
For some reason I thought it was 2011.

It was either a long day or I have been time traveling too much again.
I hate time lag *ugh*.

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Old VHS Tapes - Finding Courage [23 Apr 2010|03:32pm]
My Mom has been sorting out things in her house and found some old things of mine.
She found 6 old VHS tapes and gave them to me.

You all know how I feel about old video tapes, so I was excited to get them.

I have been spending my early mornings watching the tapes as I get ready.
They were mostly marathons, but they were of some of my favorites.

They were:
- Addams Family
- Courage the Cowardly Dog (24 hours worth of it)
- Duel! (Anime)

I was reminded how much I like Courage the Cowardly Dog. It is one of my all time favorite cartoons. The animation, writing, cartoon humor, voice acting, and character development/design were all great.
There are a few episodes which I had nearly forgotten.
It has been a lot of fun to watch :)

I enjoyed watching Duel again.
Think of it as Tenchi Muyo (created by the same animation company) mixed with Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Basically a Harem Anime with Mechas and multiple dimension themes ;)
I caught the middle of the series on tape.
Makes me wish I had caught the last few closing episodes. I never got to watch them :(
But it was a fun and silly show.

I am glad my Mom found these old tapes :)
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Spring Thoughts Spring [23 Apr 2010|01:39pm]
[ mood | calm ]

It is Spring again.

I always have mixed feelings about Spring.

Outdoor activities
Nice cool days
Flowering trees
People all excited about Spring
Big Spring Storms

Loss of Winter
Summer is coming
Allergy Season Starts
People all excited about Spring ;)

I have been trying to get outside more with the nice spring days, which is always nice.
mandydax and I went kite flying, which was a lot of fun :) (Note: Need to find Dragon Kite)

I have also been taking walks with my Dad when we meet on the Weekends.
He has been enjoying the walks and I get to see places I don't get to very often.

Last weekend we went to City Park and then walked down by the river.
Great day for it too, sunny and a little cool, with a nice breeze.
Mostly it was to walk past one of my favorite places to walk through in the spring ;)
Spring Flowering Trees
It was a decent sized walk, down to the IMU and back.
I have to be careful with our walks, since I know Dad has a little trouble walking and I don't want to tire him out.
I try to see how he is doing with questions, but he always says he is doing fine until completely worn down.
I think this walk was a little long. We went shopping afterwards and he had little energy left for it.
But he was in a good mood :)
He did enjoy the walk and getting to spend time out and about.

So with itchy eyes (allergies) and a smile, "Happy Spring to everyone!"

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Kitty just wants to play [14 Jan 2010|08:54am]
[ mood | amused ]

I got a new game recently, Dixit.
It is a beautiful game, with surrealistic cards describing odd/random stuff (like a castle being carried away by a balloon, and a boy about to cross a canyon on unicorn over rainbow to a meadow). The illustrations look like the were made with oil paint or oil crayon.
The box also doubles in as the gameboard, something I haven't seen in ages. It in the same style as the cards. It is just a counter to keep track of peoples' points, going from 1 to 30 or something. But it has great themeing. It looks like a rock path surrounding a pond. Your markers are little painted wooden rabbits. It is all very colorful and artistically done.

The objective the game is to take a card come up with a word or phrase inspired by the card have other players give you one of their cards which matches you inspired message and then everyone votes on which one they think is your card and people gain points from how the voting turned out. It is like Rorschach mixed with The Game of Things .

I am looking forward to trying this game out :)

I opened the game for the first time this weekend and was looking at the cards and playing pieces. I put the little rabbits on the game board and started to read the instructions (which are printed in 5 different languages).
The whole time I was opening the game and setting it up on my living room floor my cat, Mim, was sitting beside me watching.

While I was reading the instructions Mim started to grab the rabbits with her claws and pulled them off the board on to the floor and started to bat them around. Thinking she might scratch the paint or mawl the playing pieces I put them away.
Then she went after the pile of card board 'voting tokens' and started to flip those around. I ended up putting all the pieces away after that, just in case, and gave her some of her toys, which she played with instead.

She does seem to like wooden toys and sticks, so I am not surprised she thought they were more toys for her.
*chuckles* I might have to get Mim her own set of wooden rabbits :)

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When the lights go out... [03 Jan 2010|09:39am]
I keep noticing this... and it seems so odd to me...
When I drive at night, at least once a night, as I pass under a street light it goes out. It happens so often. It is just strange. Also lights on the front of buildings go out.
I wonder what causes this...
It is so weird. lol :)
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